You may combat other players at designated Battle Areas. To challenge another player you must ask them in Chat or post on their Message Wall that you are wanting to combat their character. After the challenge has been accepted, you must locate a Battle Calculator. A Battle Calculator is someone who can calculate damage done by attacks by using the correct math.

During battle, what determines if an attack would hit or not is depending on your Speed and the opponent's. To determine whether an attack hits, you first need a random number generator, such as then add your speed with that of the target, and set that as the maximum value, with a minimum value of 1. If the randomly-generated number is equal to or less than your Speed, your attack hits. As an example, Combatant 1 has a Speed of 18 and Combatant 2 has a Speed of 12 and when added together they make 30 which is what you should set the maximum value to. If you attack twice, generate two numbers, if the first number is above the attacker's Speed it misses and if it is below the attacker's Speed the attack hits. Experience earned by the battle between the two Combatants is half of the total damage that was successfully inflicted by one Combatant respectively.

Combat Damage

To determine how much damage you have inflicted to another Combatant, identify the attacks you are using and then follow the guidelines below in order to understand what damage is being done.

Punch/Kick - Multiply your Strength Stat by 10

Normal Gun - Multiply your Strength Stat by 12

Normal Sword - Multiply your Strength Stats by 14

Non-Tier Ki Attacks - Multiply your Strength Stat by 15

Two Guns - Multiply your Strength Stat by 18.5

Two Swords - Multiply your Strength Stat by 22.5

Tier 1 Attacks - Multiply your Strength Stat by 15

Tier 2 Attacks - Multiply your Strength Stat by 20

Tier 3 Attacks - Multiply your Strength Stat by 25

Tier 4 Attacks - Multiply your Strength Stat by 35

Tier 5 Attacks - Multiply your Strength Stat by 50

Signature Attack - Multiply your Strength Stat by 100

Ultimate Attack - Multiply your Strength Stat by 200

Battle Fatigue

Fatigue is a stat that determines how long your character can fight. Each character starts with 500 Fatigue and the stat can be increased with items that can be purchased from the shop. Nearly every action you take requires fatigue, whether or not it hit, missed, or was successful. To determine how much fatigue an attack costs, look below. If you do not have enough fatigue to use an attack, the attack is negated and you automatically are reduced to 0 fatigue.

  1. Punch/Kick - 1 Fatigue
  2. Sword/Gun - 3 Fatigue
  3. Basic Ki Attack - 5 Fatigue
  4. Dual Sword/Gun - 6 Fatigue
  5. Normal Barrier - 10 Fatigue
  6. Magic - 10 Fatigue per Level
  7. Racial Transformation - 25 Fatigue
  8. Tier 1 Attack - 25 Fatigue
  9. Tier 2 Attack - 30 Fatigue
  10. Tier 3 Attack - 40 Fatigue
  11. Tier 4 Attack - 50 Fatigue
  12. Tier 5 Attack - 65 Fatigue
  13. Signature Transformation - 75 Fatigue
  14. Signature Attack - 100 Fatigue
  15. Ultimate Transformation - 150 Fatigue
  16. Ultimate Attack - 200 Fatigue

Whenever you run out of usable Fatigue, any transformations you are currently in stop and if you do not have enough Fatigue to perform a specific action the attack is negated and your Fatigue is immediately dropped to 0 and the rest of the attacks afterwards if used are negated.

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