You gain transformations over time, once you complete the requirements listed in the transformation. Naturally, transformations are exclusive to their race, though Unique Player Races get all the transformations of both races used to make them or they gain their own unique forms.

All the transformations are here. You must obtain and, if applicable, master a transformation before moving onto the next, with the exception of a few Races.

Unique Player Race

Unique Player Races are capable of using all the transformations of their parent races or their own transformations (Must be approved by Admin) but must follow the restrictions stated in the transformations themselves. Legendary Unique Player Races choose which race is legendary, and gain the legendary transformation of that one race, not both or they can create the Legendary form (Must be approved by Admin)

To create a transformation, contact an Admin within the chat or their message board and discuss it with them.


Young Angel


Light Angel

Pure Angel

Legendary: Arch Angel


Demon Warrior

Demon Commander

Demon Overlord

Demon King/Queen

Legendary: Arch Demon


Demon Angelus Release

The Nephilim uses his heratige to draw form the mystic powers of his/her parents.

  • Requires Level 5.
  • Adds 48 Speed and Strength, permanently.


Metal armor forms around the user's arm and hand, and creates the user's spiritual weapon within their hand. It can be anything from a Gun to a Sword to a Scythe and deals extreme damage to any opponent.

  • Requires Level 15.
  • Adds 96 Speed and Strength, permanently.
  • Adds a Weapon that deals Duel Sword damage and costs Duel Sword fatigue, the user owns this weapon permanently.


Through training the Nephilim manages to increase his strength past the limits and manages to shatter the boundry, and to draw power from the Demonic & Angelic sides.

  • Requires Level 25.
  • Adds 176 Speed and Strength, permanently.
  • Only available to Pure Breed Nephilim.

Legendary: Anthro

This Sub-Nephilim race have the ability to transform into the anthropomorphic form of their spiritual Animal, allowing them to gain their abilities and traits. Most people of the Anthro Sub-Race stay in their anthropomorphic forms, they find it more polite to show their true selves. They fight with honor and typically use Katanas and wear little Armour, they love the thrill of battle and are increasingly strong from birth. They follow the path of the Great Angel of the Wild, who name was Arcadia, he had the power to change into an Animal, feral form only though. They follow his teachings of "Love the battle but hate Evil, make your blade bring only good".

  • Requires Level 30.
  • x2 Base Speed and Strength, upon transforming.
  • +30 permanent Speed and Strength.


Shadow Khan


Warrior Form

The power of the Alien transforming into this form increases, they seem to get a bit more muscular, and much taller, along with increased power.

  • Requires Level 5.
  • Adds 30 Speed and Strength, upon transforming.

Super Form

In this form, the alien gets taller once more. They gain another considerable power boost.

  • Requires Level 10.
  • Adds 60 Speed and Strength, upon transforming.

Mega Form

The power of the alien increases again. Here, the user gets a considerable muscle mass and supreme power.

  • Requires Level 20.
  • Adds 80 Speed and Strength, upon transforming.

Ultimate Form

By manipulating their own cells, they can condense a mass within their muscles to produce a form of the alien with increased strength.

  • Requires Level 30.
  • Adds 150 Speed and Strength, upon transforming.
  • Only available to Pure Breed Aliens. 

Legendary: Interstellar Lord


Blood Vampire

Shadow Vampire

Vampire Knight

Legendary: Elder Vampire


Unlocked Potential

Super Human



Legendary: Shaman


Base Form

Super Form

Absolute Form

Pure Form

Legendary: Werepyre Form




Young Dragonoid

Adolescent Dragonoid


Adult Dragon

Legendary: Arch Dragon