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The Heavenly Arch

The Heavenly Arch has always existed it made it'self in the dawn of creation, before the lord of creation "Ma'at" created himself the Heavenly Arch made it'self and with it the realm of Valestos. The Heavenly Arch secluded it'self from Creation and Chaos by closing off it's realm until the 24th eon when it reopened the realm to the various Gods.

The Heavenly Arch's first act after closing the realm was to create Heaven and Hell however The Heavenly Arch decided that Heaven shell serve the Shadows and Hell the Light, Heaven still remained Good and Hell evil but one thing is certain war would break out among them so he made the world between for the rest of the realm to live.

The Heavenly Arch made the Archangels as Gods to maintain order but evil had no Gods so The Heavenly Arch forbade the eradication of evil for all creation was sacred to it. After he established the ground rules he resided in Heaven where he rests and observes the other realms.

The World Between


The World Between

The World Between is simply called 'The World Between' there is no other name for it except 'Home' which is given to it by the thousands of creatures that inhabit this world. This world was avoided when wars broke out between Heaven and Hell until a group of Angels & Demons left their realms and took refuge on The World Between, falling in love and having children, these were known as The Nephilim, they had the powers of both Angels & Demons but the potential of the Archangels, Gods.

The Nephilim followed different paths of fighting, training their mind and bodies to protect themselves and others from harm, following the code of Rebellious Angels & Demons of fighting when needed, however most of them abandoned this and instead they fought for fun, this caused the Nephilim civilization to fracture and split into several different ways of life, they called these 'Clans'.

These Clans developed their own powers through force of will, powers not seen by Angels or Demons, but rivaled them greatly. Wars started almost destroying the planet until the Archangels of Death descended on The World Between and explained the situation, they quickly gathered together and formed nations, still keeping their powers and their ways of fighting. Wars still occurred however this time they were larger and almost always religious.

The Archangels who desended were not alone, Demons rose and currpoted the minds of a Nephilim nation, this nation devoted everything to the worship of the Demons while another nation devoted everything to the worship of Angels. The remaining nations cared not for religion, they typically lived in peace until one known only as 'The Drakkah Dominion' decided to attempt world domination, their armies were destroyed but their nation remained strong, still with the belief that they are the sole rulers of creation.

In the last few years other races, created by other Gods. These races helped each other and went to war with each other, soon the various Realms were involved with one another.


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